Beta 9014 Combat Rogue Buffs

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Koraa promised us some more damage in Combat and Blizzard delivered.  The following was reported by MMO Champion in their list of changes in the 9014 beta build.

Vitality increases your Energy regeneration rate by 8/16/25%. (Up from 3/6/10%).  This is 2.5 times the Energy regeneration before.  Combined with Combat Potency and Adrenaline Rush, Combat Rogues are going to swimming in Energy which I’m very excited for.

Blade Twisting has been changed to not only grant damaging melee attack a 10% chance to Daze your target for 4 sec, but also now increases the damage dealt by Sinister Strike and Backstab by 5/10%. 

Aggression was also moved down in the tree and boosted by 50% from 10% at maximum purchase to 15% for 5 talent points. 

So, with Blade Twisting (+10%), Aggression (+15%), and Surprise Attacks (+10%), Rogues can boost Sinister Strike damage up to almost 140% of normal.  Combined with the Energy regeneration and Improved Sinister Strike, we should see a large increase in our sustained DPS through Combat.

These changes are very promising but I still hope to see if the developers address Killing Spree as well to make it more in line with the sustained damage theme of Combat. 

Either I’d like to see Killing Spree improved somehow, or Hunger for Blood and Killing Spree switch places.  This would make a lot more sense than where either ability sits in their current states.  Killing Spree fits more with the Mutilate dual weapon attack and the burst damage of the Assassination tree, and Hunger for Blood seems like it would fit better into the theme of Combat with its damage boost.


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  1. Sinister strike has gotten quite some damage increase now, shame the buffs don’t apply to hemo, otherwise trispec might still have been fairly viable.

  2. Sheehun Oct 1st 2008 Gravatar

    Yeah even though it might make sense to switch the 51 point talents, what Blizz is really going for is to equalize dps between combat and assassination (and possibly sub). That’s why you see things like Relentless Strikes in tier 1 sub even though it really doesn’t have a sub flavor. So switching those talents would be a big hit to mutilate dps.

    Also on a more personal note mutilate is my favorite spec and I’ve waited forever for it to be viable in raids. Combat’s just too boring to be enjoyable.

  3. The way the builds work wouldn’t allow for Killing Spree and HfB to switch. In a mutilate build you’re no longer spending the 25 energy for slice ‘n dice, thus making the 30 you spend to keep HfB up more reasonable (that is if you took Focused Attacks). Though the ideas sound like they should fit, I don’t think it would be energy efficient or gcd efficient to have HfB in Combat. However, I’m still curious as to how a Combat rogue is going to feel about burning the amount of time to use Killing Spree rather than rolling their attack rotation. (Not in beta, not sure how long it takes to cast and use Killing Spree.)

    Just my thoughts.

    Mutilate 4 lyfe!

  4. Averaen Nov 15th 2008 Gravatar

    Killing Spree in assassination would suck without a huge buff. Hitting with both weakass daggers? Laaame.

  5. Arbaal Feb 6th 2009 Gravatar

    Well, killing spree stacks with blade flurry…which is very sweet.

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