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WoW – Rogues by lockjaw

I’ve decided to rename any of my future community spotlights and highlights to “Rogues Gallery”.  For those that have heard the phrase, but aren’t completely familiar with the meaning, Wikipedia has a definition that sums up exactly what I want these posts to be: “a compilation of descriptions, methods of operation, hiding places, and names of criminals and their associates.”  With Rogues, of course, being the “criminals” in question. 

If you feel like a post, a blog or someone should be included in a future Rogue Gallery post, please contact me!

Whispers from the Shadows

AKA Blog Posts You Should Read!

  • MMO-Champion has the latest undocumented Rogue changes from beta patch 8962!
  • Thoughts for Food posted her opinion about the changes and I pretty much feel exactly the same way.  However, one thing to note is that the Glyph of Sinister Strike change is a nerf, as it previous gave 101% chance on a critical Sinister Strike to grant a combo point!
  • BBR posted about Rogue Tanking with a serious look at what it might take to have a tank as a Rogue by getting your avoidance above 100%.
  • Azande wrote a response to Matticus’ 12 Reasons post entitled 12 Reasons Why Rogues are the Best Lovers

New Safehouses Locations

AKA Blogs You Should be Reading!

  • One HoT Rogue covers both Rogue and Druid topics, which also happens to be the same as my two mains.  Although just starting out, Aedos is fun to read and as she’s just returned from a break, I’m looking forward to reading more from her.
  • Gweedo moved to his new Wordpress address.  Give him a visit in his new snazzy digs!
  • Paused State is Azande’s blog where he talks about his Rogue and Rogues in general.  His post on Random Rogue tips included a lot of great tips for beginners as well as several things I wasn’t aware of.
  • Thoughts for Food is Nhani’s companion blog for webcomic Beyond the Tree.  However, she has included a lot of Rogue commentary and her 3DSMax rendering of in-game models are just plain awesome.
  • Andy Salisbury’s A Rogue’s Eye View has a lot of information about instances from Wrath as well as a lot of Rogue and WoW commentary. His post about leveling Pick Lock from 1 to 350 is something you should definitely check out if you still don’t have your Pick Lock maxed out.
  • Lastly, RogueRouge is a blog by two Undead Rogues, Akrios and Nition, with a heavy emphasis on videos and PvP!  They also have a Guides section covering macros, UI, races and more.


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