LoLWut? WotLK Alpha Rogue News

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There’s been a lot of information about Wrath of the Lich King leaked from the Alpha.  There’s virtually nothing for Rogues in it.  I’ve debated on whether to share any of the information as Blizzard wouldn’t have an NDA if they wanted the information shared.  However, since Blizzard has been so unkind as to offer me to participate in the Alpha and to have me sign an NDA, I thought I’d share the two tiny bits of information I saw.

First, what may be potentially a new tier armor piece for Rogues.  Try to ignore the Draenei boobies; I’m talking about the headpiece.  I think the leak site may have confused this with a Warlock set, but I’m not sure.  But if I were a Warlock or if it turns out to be Rogue, I think I’ll be using un-clicking the “Show Helm” option in my Interface options.  I’m not too big on the idea of having some other face on top of my character’s face. How about you? 

You'll never see Valenna wearing this.

Second, a patch note on current abilities stating that Mace Specialization has an internal cooldown on its stun of six seconds.  Since, I’m not a Mace Rogue, I cheer this as I’m tired of having to wait through stuns to kill the other Rogues I face.  It also might alleviate some of the hate we get from other classes because of stun lock.  LOL!  Who am I kidding?!


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  1. Draenei boobies are hard to ignore…best boobies in the game, imo.

    I’m going to go out on a limb and make a prediction for WotLK that I’m all but certain will come true…

    Rogues will be removed in WotLK, which is why there is no leaked info on them. That’s the big secret. Death Knights are the replacement to rogues. Everyone with a rogue will need to re-roll and no compensation will be given, because, really, why would they want to reward us masochistic bastards who have stuck with being a rogue for the last three years through nerf after nerf, watching virtually every other class take over the ONE job we had in everything from small groups to raids?

    /bitter off

  2. Thats just horrible news. That mask is ugly! You must be having fun playing alpha! I can’t wait to find out whats new about rogues!! All I wish for is trainable ShS.

  3. @Khol: LOL. I hope Rogues don’t get replaced by Death Knights.

    @Dankh: WHOA! Hold on. I’m not in the Alpha. If I had signed the NDA, I would not violate it … PERIOD.

    Trainable Shadow Step would be very nice though. ^_^

  4. If you thought the lack of info on rogue skill/talent set is interesting, you should check out the proposed “additions” to the Feral Druid tree shown in bbb’s blog. A handy dandy feral skill that is similar to adrenaline rush AND they get a cloak of shadows like affect. They better take a huge energy hit for using it. Good thing it’s alpha.

  5. I’d have to say that I think a lot of those “possible T7″ pics might have names wrong. The Warlock looks like something more a DK would have (looked plate-ish and just had a mounted DK feel to it.) Whoever gets the Harry Potter House Elves’ helm will more then likely turn it off in my opinion.

    …boobies ftw

  6. @Valenna

    Dual-wielding, plate-wearing DPS machines that can also off-tank (like actually off-tank, not like fury warriors can, in theory off-tank)…yeah, we’re looking at planned obsolescence.

  7. Stupid Mage Jun 6th 2008 Gravatar

    Can’t ignore the boobies…they’re so shiny!

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