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By popular request, and by popular, I mean Cassieann via Big Bear Butt via Phaelia told me I should write up a Pre-Karazhan Gear guide. That’s like what? Three people? I’ll take what I can get. ^_^

So, you’ve just hit 70 and you’re ready to get into Karazhan and snatch up all the purples your bags can carry. Not so fast! You should really have as many of following to pull your own weight.

I tried to pick items that were easy to obtain through quests, world drops and 5-man instances. I avoided recommending the full Assassination or Wastewalker sets because they are difficult to collect and most of the gear you’ll be wanting from Karazhan is far superior. I also did not list any Heroics or Badge Loot as they can be very hard in mostly green and blues, but if you are adventurous and have four other Karazhan geared members, I’d look at the gear from Slave Pens, Mechanar and Botanica as they are the easiest of the Heroics, in my opinion.

Update: I added normal Magister’s Terrace drops as normal should be able to be finished by Rogues in most of the gear listed below. I also added the Shattered Sun Offensive rep gear as the quests are easy and it’s only a matter of time before repeating the daily quests gives you the reputation you need for the neck piece, which is better than practically everything else in the game.

Without further ado, here are my suggestions for each item slot. Many of these are the same pieces I used until I got my replacements from Badges or Karazhan+. If more than one item is listed, the first one is the one I preferred.

And after you’re done collecting these, you should head over to Dinaer’s site to learn your roles in Karazhan boss fights. He also highlights which Rogue gear you should keep your eyes open for from each boss!


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  1. I’m curious about a somewhat glaring omission. The Abacus of Violent Odds? I don’t play a rogue, but my fiancee does, and we’ve been working on getting her geared up. The bonus of the Abacus is, that same boss also drops Edge of the Cosmos and the Assassination chestpiece.

  2. Aelfinn Mar 5th 2008 Gravatar

    This is perfect timing. I just dinged 70 about a week ago and my guild is pushing me to get ready Kara asap. I’ve been struggling with figuring out what gear to get as this is my first lvl 70 character. This will definetely point me in the right direction. Thanks a ton.

  3. valenna Mar 5th 2008 Gravatar

    I ommited the Abacus of Violent Odds out of spite because I never managed to get one after going to Mechanar a million times. ~_^ J/K Good catch.

  4. Heh, my fiancee got hers on her first trip. Of course, the payback was when she bought her Aldor exalted rep, and then amassed all the honor she needed for the S1 quickblade, the night her honor was processing we ran Heroic Mechanar and Edge of the Cosmos dropped. She’s still bitter about it.

  5. I got the Abacus on my first Mech run, but never managed to get either the Mantle of Perenolde or the Hourglass of the Unraveller despite many tries.

    Dagger rogues might try to get the Whispering Blade of Slaying (SL drop) and Warp Splinter’s Thorn (Bot drop).

  6. valenna Mar 5th 2008 Gravatar

    @Dinaer: Oh yeah. ^_^ I forgot about daggers. I included them in the list. Thanks, Dinaer!

    @Malfean: Ugh. Yeah, I worked hard for Aldor Exalted but got my S2 weapons slightly before I spent money for the Brand.

    @Aelfinn: Let me know if it works out.

  7. Thanks so much for the list! I’m happy to say that I had about 75% of this stuff on the list I had worked up after hitting 70 and checking out various sites. But it’s good to know that I might be finally getting this gear stuff after 70 levels, lol.

  8. Snogrim Mar 6th 2008 Gravatar

    Just a note that the Fel Leather gear is not for LWers only. It’s only that LWers get the set bonus for the Fel Skin (+20 Dodge). Still some awesome pieces with sockets that can rocket your hit rating to a reasonable level.

  9. Nice Guide - I’d been hoping someone would do one of these guides for rogues to add to my collection of ‘Gearing for Kara’ links :)

  10. Wichapi Apr 10th 2008 Gravatar

    I have a question. Wouldn’t the Oppurtunist set be good for Kara as well?

  11. Bledoc May 22nd 2008 Gravatar

    @Wichapi, sorry, but the opprtunists gear is PvP orientated and therefore really lacking in important stats for rogues, such as hit rating, which is VITAL for raiding rogues.

  12. @Wichapi & Bledoc: I’m going to have to agree with Bledoc. The Opportunist set might be good to fill in one or two pieces in a pinch. However, because of the requirement of getting Honored with 5 factions, it isn’t worth it time-wise for some of the worst DPS gear available for Rogues at 70. Your time is better spent obtaining those key pieces of gear outlined in the post.

  13. Bledoc May 23rd 2008 Gravatar

    I’d just thought i would mention that your shoulder section seems pretty small, so how about the ‘Expedition Scout’s Epaulets’ or the Nagrand revered shoulders (depending on alliance or horde)

  14. Stingg May 25th 2008 Gravatar

    I would say and are better than Band of Anquish :) same stats but those got +2 agility.

  15. Stormer Jun 8th 2008 Gravatar

    Thanks much for this, I was so lost after the ding didn’t even know where to start.

  16. Mills Aug 3rd 2008 Gravatar

    I was wondering for the ringd section would the BAND of Exorcist be a good substitute it is the ring you can buy with spirit shards? Also I have 4 out 5 pieces of the Assasination set are those good enough for Kara? Finally what are my goal stats?

  17. PitfireX Sep 23rd 2008 Gravatar

    Im in full Merc. Is that better than this stuff?

  18. Berkut Oct 11th 2008 Gravatar

    I think a brilliant thing to do for your weapons is get 40 EotS marks and then grind AV to get 27k honour.
    After this, buy your S2 MH and S2 OH…You can always go for something that isn’t swords if you prefer something else.

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