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I’ve been incredibly busy with playing Outside, farming for RL cash, going on vacation, and then coming back to work to farm for more RL cash. =( It’s made it hard to play and justify time for writing blog posts, but

However, I’m completely recharged now from my vacation and determined to find more time to blog.

I wanted to share some other Rogue blogs that I enjoy and that have started recently. At one point, it seemed like Doomilias and I were the only Rogue bloggers, outside of Ming, to continue to post. Skahr disappeared after his video and Elistana vanished after a great start. And even RogueSpot went into hiding. Yet, I’ve seen a lot of activity recently that I wanted to share:


Surprisingly RogueSpot has come out of inactivity with Cerias Shadows posting again about Rogue news. I’m looking forward to see this site come back online full-force

Forever a Noob

Dinaer started Forever A Noob, a site detailing his neverending journey of discovery as a rogue. His recent series about being a Rogue in Karazhan is solid and highly recommended.

Backstab by Quincey

From the Horde side comes Backstab by Quincey. His site covers his guilds progress through Serpentshrine Caverns and Tempest Keep.


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  1. Thanks for the link! I hope that my blog has something worthwhile to offer for the rogue community.

    That picture that you posted of Dinaer is awesome. I just installed WoW Model Viewer and I can’t wait to play with it.

  2. The difference between a NE Rogue and an UD Rogue are crystal clear in those pics.. pelvic “getmygrooveon” thrust vs. menancing “imaeaturcorpse” stance is surely commentary on WoW’s population of Rogues in some way.

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