I Blog Azeroth, Do You?

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I've never considered myself a hardcore blogger. I mean — I don't think I've even hit 100 posts yet. But I do enjoy blogging and I enjoy feeling part of the WoW blogging community. I think there's a lot of people out there that just don't know where to start or have started and are having difficulty getting established. Those people haven't had a place to go to until today. Blog Azeroth is a new site featuring tips and tricks of the Blogging trade. It's a place for members of the WoW blogging community to discuss blogging platforms and topics and ask for assistance with whatever technical issues they might be encountering. If you have a blog, you are thinking of starting a blog, or even if you are just curious at seeing what sort of effort goes into making a blog, stop by! If you're not interesting in blogging, Blog Azeroth still might be a great place for you to find a new blog you've never heard of!


5 Replies

  1. Thanks for sharing this ! I’ll go check it right now. =)

  2. Sorry about spelling your name wrong. :P I also noticed I forgot to link to you and Phaelia’s blogs. All fixed now :D

  3. Very good information in http://www.blogazeroth.com. I just signed in myself. Hope to get some good links from other players like Valenna. Has some good constructive criticism from other bloggers too.

    - A

  4. I stumbled upon Blog Azeroth from a WoW Insider article and it completely made me start blogging again. The community is great. Everyone is there to make it stronger and we all have the same things in common, WoW and Blogging. Even if you are not into blogging but you want to read more about your class, Blog Azeroth has a listing of every WoW Blog out there!

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