First Rogues? Now Mages?

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That’s right! On the heels of Rogue Tanking, we now have Mage Tanking! Euripedes over at Critical QQ posted about Mage Tanking!

He goes into a full discussion about how the changes to 2.3 for the Arcane tree for Mages will give them more survivalibilty and potentially a way to allow Mages to tank. I’m not a Mage expert myself, but it sounds very interesting!

Mages give it a try! BTW, this is apparently humor. These changes aren’t real. Next time I should read posts more carefully after a long work week.

For Rogues that have tried some tanking from my post, what results have you found?


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  1. Dragion Nov 9th 2007 Gravatar

    Ya, I have tried tanking everything in AV as combat swords. I was getting sick of no tanks in AV and mobs snap aggro to everyone. I started getting bored of wow and decided to start stacking stamina along with obtianing most of my arena/pvp gear. I ended up with about 11.1k HP unbuffed, 25% dodge and 350 reslience (all pre-kara gear). Wore my self healing trinket “Mark of ConQuest” and the AV trinket for 8hp per 5 sec +dodge rating. With this I can take a beating from all the elites/mobs up to Van. Most healers will usually heal me, one is usually enough, even tanking an elite and a non elite. As for bal, evasion tank mid fight works well, but dont even need to if I have more than one healer on me. As for the last boss (Van or Drek) he hits me for about 5k plus. Evasion tanking last 15 sec which I usually dodge almost everything, then multiple healers have to overheal the crap out of me since Van can 2 shot me. I can pretty much get 1st in dmg unless there is a dps class with raid gear. I can mantain aggro pretty easy since sword/bliknstrike/mongoose procs very often for me and my weapons pretty much always have a haste bonus, OH usually below 1.00. But ya that was my experience, but I’m sure tanking instances/heroics are a bit harder than AV, I just wanted to be self reliant and not depend on crappy tanks in AV. Season 3 gear will add even more stats to what I already have so I will become even easier.

    Next for me is probably getting that old Darkmoon card Heroism combining it with Mark of ConQuest, and dual Battlemaster enchants, talent to lower evasion CD and become a self healing rogue. And before anyone says anything about me doing this, its just a game I’m getting bored and experimenting around with things for FUN.

    Any sugesstions to my setup or recommendations on self healing trinkets/gear?

  2. Valenna Nov 12th 2007 Gravatar

    Well, definitely look at the trinkets from Badges of Justice coming out in 2.3:

    You’ve got the Cruelty and Determination trinkets, which both self-heal for 1750.

    Lifestone might be a good little boost (300 to 700 Health): It’s a random world drop.

    Furbolg Medicine Bag goes in the Off-Hand (with the usual 30 seconds before you can use it, I’m not sure this might be worth it, but…). It heals 100 health every second for 10 seconds. It can be purchased from a vendor in Fel Wood.

    In general though, I think I’d probably look at getting trinkets that have major +Stamina instead (and possibly Defense and Armor).

    For example, the Argussian Compass from Heroic Underbog gives +36 Stamina and On Use: Reduces damage from each attack by 68, up to a total of 1150 damage absorbed. Lasts 20 sec.

    I loved hearing about your experiences! Thank you, Dragion!

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