Not So Naked in Season 3

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As Phaelia pointed out on Resto4Life, it looks like a few of my wishes come true; Season 3 armor has several of the things I wanted on my list. Here was my initial list from my response to the Rogue class review on the WoW forums:

  • Less Critical Strike rating.
  • More Hit.
  • More Stamina.
  • More Armor.
  • More Stealth.

Here’s what we got with Season 3 over Season 2:

  • More armor. A lot more armor value. We went from 1740 to 2186 Armor. That’s not including Armor value from Agility. Counting Agility we went from 2096 Armor to 2514 armor.
  • More hit. Three items have +12 Hit Rating. +36 Hit Rating total. Wow. Amazing.
  • Less Agility. This surprised me. They still increased our Attack Power and Critical Strike Rating, but overall Agility went down 356 to 328 on these five pieces.
  • More Stamina. 29 more points total.
  • More Critical Strike Rating. 18 more points. However, with the decrease in Agility, Critical Chance goes up by a little less than half a percent.
  • More Attack Power. Counting Agility changes, Attack Power only sees a gain of 22 points from Season 2 to Season 3.
  • More Armor Penetration 252 total from 3 pieces.
  • No additional Stealth Levels, no change to Resilence, no change to number or types of sockets.

Finally, the ones that have most changed are the Head, Legs and Chest pieces. So, if you already have Season 2, I’d save up for those first. Each of them have the added Hit Rating and Armor Penetration.

I know I’m saving all my Arena Points for Season 3 at this point.


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  1. Doomilias Nov 1st 2007 Gravatar

    i am really wracking my brain over this new armor penetration stat. even to the point of wondering if the new weapon enchant, executioner (chance to ignore 840 armor for some period of time), is better than mongoose.

    what is your opinion on how armor penetration is going to affect itemzation for pvp and pve?

  2. Valenna Nov 12th 2007 Gravatar

    After wrapping my head around Armor Penetration ( ), I think for some situations Executioner will be better, especially if you have a lot of Armor Penetration from your gear and Serrated Blades. However, I don’t think I’m going to give up my Mongoose, but rather place Executioner on either my S3 weapons or on my daggers from Zul’Aman.

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