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While not really a PvP Rogue, Phaelia pointed me towards post from Vaneras where he was “nice” enough to address some Rogue concerns regarding Arena on the Europe forums today :

Poster: Vaneras at 2007-07-06 08:31:12
Subject: Re: the truth about rogues in arena
Q u o t e:
I love playing rogues, i like being stealthy and whearing black. I like pwning mages with almost no health.

But in arena, some things arent “right”

so heres a summery of all the things I think arn’t “working as intended” or arn’t”Balenced”

1. the famous vanish bug. all know about.
2. pets running after you in stealth
3. bad scalling of finishing moves. my sin strike crits for almost the same as my evisc…
4. stealth… whats up with everyone seeing me?
5. certain classes getting out of our stuns, saps, blinds using trinkets or anti rogue abilitys.
6. imp gouge -> stealth, i loved that what happend to that.
7. Blind being able to miss, but costing 1g (on my server)
8.CloS not working while in fear or trap… (that would make life so much easier)
9.Lack of armor on leather.
10. resileance screwing up or “nukability”

i’m sure there are so much more things that could need improving.

I dont think rogues are a nerfed class, they just need some working on. No class is perfect and everyone has an anti class. But at the moment every class is our anti class


I think that this little top ten sums up the things that have recently been posted on these forums pretty well.

Some of the things we have commented on before, especially in regards to Vanish. Vanish isn’t bugged and it is in fact working as intended, however it is affected by latency, which is what people perceives as being bugged. There are currently no plans for changing the way that Vanish works, which I most certainly know that you don’t want to hear. However that does not mean that the developers will dismiss these concerns, because if they find a proper way to address this issue, then such a solution will be implemented.

But in regards to Rogue performance in the Arenas in general, this is something that the developers are looking into. I do not have much more info on this available at this moment in time, but we will keep you informed as soon as we know more about the developers plans to improve the Rogue situation in Arenas.

Many of you have posted good ideas for ways to improve performance and the Rogue class in general, and I would just like to thank you all for that. Keep letting us know what you think, and please keep posting your suggestions :-)

Um.. K. So, Vanish doesn’t work because my highspeed DSL connection isn’t fast enough? *shakes off disbelief* Lame response, Blizzard.

However, it does give me a dark, murky feeling inside (as close to warm, fuzzy as we get her at PDS) to know that Blizzard is thinking about the plight of the Rogue.

But then again, half of the OP’s concerns seem strange: the cost of Blind, Cloak of Shadows not breaking fears or traps, people getting out of our stuns, amount of armor on leather?

Maybe this is a joke, but it doesn’t seem very funny.

  • Blind is free. Get a clue and pickpocket. I destroy Blinding Powder routinely to make room for more sell loot. Maybe you should try some PvE, Mr. Arena Rogue, and you’d have plenty of Blinding Powder.
  • Cloak of Shadows is an ability you use. It’s never broken us out of stuns or fears, or other situations where you lose control over your character. Next, you’ll want it to break you out of sheeps and charms.
  • People getting out of our stuns? Wahh. It happens to all classes. Stop crying about it. (Expect Mages, those f!%#rs shouldn’t be able to use Blink if they are stunned. Complete BS.)
  • The amount of armor on Leather? Are you looking to tank? Do you not realize that we have Dodge and other damage reduction/avoidance abilities?

So, while I appreciate a Blue replying to Rogue concerns, I fear this is a two-sided joke.

Edit: or better yet, don’t waste Blizzard’s time on issues that aren’t really significant.



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